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    Topdeck Took Me

    Topdeck took me is an integrated brand campaign that uses real life #topdeckers and their travel photos to tap into the authentic experiences Topdeck offers. Our concepts were liked so much that Topdeck chose to also roll it out in Sydney, Melbourne, and the UK.

  • The campaign took to the streets on buses and trains. We took advantage of the bored commuters to inspire their travel dreams.

  • Brisbane buses took people to less exciting destinations than the ones Topdeck offers.

  • Our concepts explored the individual adventures of #topdeckers, giving the audience the closest thing to word of mouth.

  • Real #topdecker photos were used in the campaign, showcasing the beautiful destinations you can get to with Topdeck.

  • The campaign also aimed to differentiate Topdeck from the booze-fest that is Contiki.

  • Our concepts reached people going about their daily lives with highly-targeted messaging and imagery.

  • We steered clear of the usual tourist attractions, since Topdeck's audience are individuals and like to freely explore on their own.

  • The integrated part of the campaign came about with 'send a billboard, not a postcard' messages. Digital and outdoor media challenged #topdeckers to get sharing their travel snaps to win Topdeck trips.

  • They could even be featured in the campaign themselves. How cool would it be to see your travel photo up on a huge billboard?

  • We focused the campaign around real people and their experiences - every single #topdecker is a brand ambassador. And a good one at that.