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  • Queensland Poetry Festival

    THIS is a Poetry Festival

    People were unaware of the huge and diverse offerings QPF brings to Brisbane. The range of events, talent, and community spirit show that it’s much more than a poetry festival.
    We created our campaign with new social channels and two audiences in mind - the existing fans, and what we call 'early adopters' of new trends and cultural events.
    Our campaign encouraged people to forget the literature stereotypes, and showed them that THIS is a poetry festival.

  • Using a combination of events, venues, musicians, artists, and performers,

  • the campaign's imagery was evocative and simple.

  • This year's festival theme was 'Distant Voices'...

  • focusing on young people, refugees, the LGBTQI community, and Indigenous stories.

  • Intertwining the imagery with words gave an immersive feel to the festival,

  • one that you could see yourself in, or attending.

  • In conclusion, THIS is a poetry festival challenged perceptions of what a poetry festival can be.