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  • Opera Queensland

    Madama Butterfly

    We took a modern, minimalist approach to this iconic opera in order for it to hold true to the tragic beauty of the story.
    It inspired, delighted, and brought new audiences to OperaQ.
    With a colour palette worthy of romance, and strikingly bold typography - it seemed this opera would be one to catch.

  • Madama Butterfly's tragic romance was hinted at in the launch video.

  • The digital world experienced the sweeping emotion of Puccini's masterpiece in another teaser.

  • What's that poking through the trees? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

  • Look out - QPAC's got a giant butterfly on it.

  • And you can even spot it all the way from the Victoria Bridge.

  • These butterflies came to rest in Avant Card stands all around the city.

  • The campaign was supported by Facebook content, to remind people of the launch, opening night, $25 tickets, and of course, closing night.

  • A beautiful die-cut Madama Butterfly program made its way into more than a few hands...

  • While guests at opening night were stunned by the hundreds of butterflies gathered behind them.