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  • Queensland Writers Centre


    When it comes to writing a great billboard, brevity is key. And the same can be said for a great story. 
    Why not bring the two together? And encourage local writers to put pen to billboard.

    The campaign calls for submissions of stories with 8 words or less, to be judged by professional authors. Winning stories will be published on GOA's network of billboards. Our #8WordStory concept was one of the winning entries in GOA's Community Partnerships pitch.

  • The goa Valley Iconic billboard was even more eye-catching in orange.

  • Promotional social media helped spread the word.

  • Some entries were sobering.

  • And some were heartwarming (thanks, Queensland Health!).

  • New York Times bestselling authors, politicians, and even advertising legends were submitting their own #8WordStories

  • The campaign ended up with 10,749 entries over a period of four weeks.